Today, a decision by the Walt Disney Company to build a new theme park is met with excitement, anticipation, and an assumption that it will be a huge success. But when Walt Disney told the world he was building an amusement park in the 1950s it was met with doubt, ambivalence and an assumption it would be yet another dirty carnival. Even worse, when people learned where he was building the park and the great expense of the project many viewed the decision to build Disneyland as “Walt’s folly.”

Throughout his life, Walt Disney showed the world, time and again, that dreams can come true if you believe in them. And the key to making Disneyland a successful fantasy was pouring the impassioned work of a cast of fellow believers and dream makers into every ounce of the project.

Walt’s Folly is dedicated to telling the story of the people, the inspiration, and the ideas that built Disneyland.

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