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A Role for Joe

The partnership between Walt Disney and Admiral Joe Fowler was essential for getting Disneyland built and open under the time and financial constraints impacting the park’s construction.

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The Father of Fantasyland

Disney artist and Imagineer Bruce Bushman was born on this day in 1911. Bushman, pictured here with Walt Disney, was a lead designer of the original Fantasyland as you can see by his concept art on the walls.  Bushman was first hired by the Disney Studios to work on Fantasia on April 5, 1937.  He’d…

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Ken Anderson

Today is the birthday of Disney Legend Ken Anderson, who was born in 1909. While Anderson is mostly known for his incredible animation portfolio, he was one of the many Disney Studio artists tapped by Walt Disney to work on Disneyland before it opened in 1955.

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Harper Goff

Today is the birthday of Disney Legend Harper Goff. A number of beloved Disneyland attractions, including the Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, and Golden Horseshoe Saloon, first appeared as concept art drawn by Goff. As one of Disney’s very first Imagineers, Goff began working on the Disneyland project even before it was called Disneyland or any land in Anaheim was acquired.

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Disney’s Other Genius

Ward Kimball, a legendary animator, Academy Award winning director, Imagineering consultant, trombonist, and train enthusiast, was born on this day in 1914. As Walt Disney put it “Ward Kimball is one person that I can truly call a genius.”

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Disneyland Stage Lines

All of the coaches that made up the Disneyland Stage Lines were constructed at the Studio and have the distinction of being the first Disneyland attraction completed. At the park, the coaches were one of ultimately three ways guests could explore the Painted Desert and the Indian Country of the Old West.

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