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Marvin Davis

On this day in 1910, Disney Legend Marvin Davis was born in Clovis, New Mexico. Marvin played a key role in the early stages of Disneyland designing the layout and architecture of the park. 

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Uncle Bill

On this day in 1906, Disney Legend Bill Cottrell was born in South Bend, Indiana. Known as “Uncle Bill” on the Disney Studio lot, Bill was the first president of WED Enterprises, the predecessor to Walt Disney Imagineering.

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Bob Gurr

On this day in 1931, Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr was born in Los Angeles, California. As Bob likes to say, “If it moves on wheels at Disneyland, I probably designed it.”

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Ruth Shellhorn

On this day in 1909, Disneyland landscape architect Ruth Shellhorn was born in Los Angeles. Ruth was a pioneer in her field and, as one of the few women involved with the design of the Disneyland, made a significant contribution to the landscape and pedestrian pathway designs of the park in 1955. 

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Smoke Tree Ranch

Have you ever noticed the somewhat cryptic symbol that often appeared on Walt Disney’s ties? While some interesting theories have been shared by some over the years, the symbol is actually the logo of the Smoke Tree Ranch private resort community in Palm Springs, California.

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