Swift’s Chicken Plantation House

Swift’s Chicken Plantation House was one of the original Disneyland restaurants when the park opened in 1955. It stood on the banks on the Rivers of America, just west of where the entrance to the Pirates of Carribean attraction is now. 

Walt Disney, like many people, was a big fan of Knott’s Berry Farm’s chicken restaurant and thought something similar would be a great addition to Disneyland. Like all restaurants in the early days of the park, the Plantation House was operated by a lessee. Swift & Company, a large Chicago-based meat processing company, operated both the Plantation House and the Red Wagon Inn restaurant on Main Street. 

Swift’s Chicken Plantation House viewed from the Rivers of America

As you can see by comparing pictures, the restaurants exterior design featured two different architecture themes. On the side of the building facing the Rivers of America the restaurant has the look of an antebellum mansion from the South.

Swift’s Chicken Plantation House as viewed from the train station

The other side, which faced the train station, has the style of a Spanish colonial home.

Interior of the Blue Bayou restaurant

Notice the similarities of the Blue Bayou restaurant’s interior, on the last image, with the mansion styling of the Plantation House. 

On January 7, 1962, the restaurant was closed to make room for the New Orleans Square addition. 


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