Disneyland’s Piano Shop

Did you know that Disneyland had a piano and organ shop on Main Street, U.S.A. from 1955 to 1968? The Wurlitzer Music Hall was a large shop on the south east corner of Main Street that displayed pianos and organs. Guests were also treated to daily concerts inside. 

The Randolph Wurlitzer Company, commonly referred to as just Wurlitzer, was a musical instrument manufacturer founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1853. The company was well know for its entry level pianos. As part of its relationship with Disneyland, it provided all pianos and organs throughout the park, including the organ on King Arthur’s Carousel. Wurlitzer included its status as the exclusive provider of pianos and organs at Disneyland in its advertisements. 

Don Beamsley was hired in 1955 one of the pianists who would perform the daily concerts at the Wurlitzer shop. He previously played the piano and cello with the Warner Bros. Studio orchestra. In addition to playing at the Wurlitzer shop, Beamsley occasionally played the piano at the Golden Horseshoe Revue. In 1966, Beamsley left his job at Disneyland to become the organist at Dodger Stadium. 

In 1968, the Wurlitzer company would end its relationship with Disneyland and the shop closed its doors for the final time in September. 


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