Snow White and Her Adventures

The Snow White and Her Adventures attraction was one of Disneyland’s original dark rides in Fantasyland, a new type of amusement park ride at the time. Later, the attraction was renamed Snow White’s Scary Adventures.

Concept art of the Snow White and Her Adventures attraction drawn by Bruce Bushman

The scenes throughout the attraction matched those from Disney’s first full-length feature animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which was released in 1937. The track layout was designed by Imagineer Bill Martin and the work on the artwork throughout the attraction was led by Disney artist Ken Anderson. The mine car ride vehicles were built by Arrow Development.

Snow White was one of the scarier attractions in Disneyland and included an appearance by the evil witch. According to Disney Legend Claude Coats: “We got some letters about the witch scene in that ride. Walt never seemed to mind. He thought that children would sometimes have to learn that things were scary, you know.”


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