A Ticket to Walt’s Park

As we wait to hear about Disneyland’s replacement for the annual passport let’s go back to 1955 and see what a ticket cost when the park first opened. Amazingly, if you had a dollar in your pocket, that’s all you needed to get into the park. A general admission ticket was just $1 for adults and only 50¢ for kids under 12.

Of course, in 1955 all those tickets did was get you into the park. If you actually wanted to ride the attractions, that was going to cost you more. For most guests, the first additional cost was the 25¢ they had to cough up to park their car. 

When it came to the attractions, guests would initially have to line up at a ticket booth and purchase a ticket for the ride. Depending on the attraction, costs per ride ranged from 10¢ to 35¢. Some of the higher priced attractions included the Jungle Cruise, Rocket to the Moon, Mark Twain Steamboat, and the Disneyland Railroad.

The famous Disneyland ticket books were not sold when Disneyland first opened in July of 1955. They were introduced a few months later in October. The first all-inclusive Disneyland ticket, as we know them today, was sold in 1981. Disneyland first offered annual passes in 1984 for the price of…$65!


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