The Man With A Plan

Here is an early Disneyland plot plan drawn by Disney Legend Marvin Davis.

As you can see in the close-up, the original plan was drawn on May 19, 1954 and was then updated by Davis on June 7, 1954. 

Davis was brought into WED in early 1953 to work on Disneyland by Dick Irvine, who he had previously worked with when the two were art directors at 20th Century Fox. He spent much of his time drafting plans, blueprints and elevations for the park at-large as well as individual attractions. 

Davis explained to Walt Disney biographer Neal Gabler what it was like trying to translate Walt’s ideas into plans on paper:

“The first scheme you had, Walt would completely tear apart. Eventually you would come up with something better. He wanted to see every idea that you could possibly have before he settled on something.”

After Davis’ death in 1998, former Imagineering President Marty Sklar recounted:

“Marvin was a bulldog. He pushed things and kept pushing them until everyone, especially him, was completely satisfied with them. He was just extremely thorough and professional. Determined was the right word for Marvin. It took him 69 versions or more of the Disneyland master plan before Walt said, ‘OK.’ It was a difficult situation. No one had ever done anything like Disneyland before, but he just kept pushing.”

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