The Main Street Pharmacy

Did you know that when Disneyland first opened there was a pharmacy on Main Street? That’s right, Upjohn Pharmacy was located at the end of Main Street near the Penny Arcade. Of course, it wasn’t an operating pharmacy but rather a showcase of turn-of-the-century pharmacies and the history of medicine. Though they did hand out free mini bottles of Unicap vitamins, as you can see in the photo below. 

Originally, nearly all of the Main Street shops and most of the restaurants throughout the park were operated be lessees, not Disney. Walt Disney acknowledged when the park was being constructed that he didn’t have the time or expertise to run such establishments. Of course, that would certainly change as time went by. Being a landlord didn’t suit Walt, who quickly grew frustrated when the lessees operated with inconsistent store hours. The effort put forth by many of the lessees was initially dampened by the fact many did not expect the park to survive for very long. 


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